'You can taste the tradition.'

Cafe Sonder is the culmination of over 70 years of tradition within the Santa Fe, NM restaurant industry. In 1947, Dan Razatos, a Greek immigrant opened the famous Plaza Cafe in downtown Santa Fe. NM. Through time we have worked diligently to employee the traditions of service, value, and quality which have been in place since the inception of the Plaza Cafe in the forties. We have expanded these systems and practices into Cafe Sonder which is our recent effort to bring American Cuisine to downtown Santa Fe, NM.

We submit to you a menu focused on simplicity, driven by our desire to bring value and quality in American Dining to our patrons. Our beer and wine selection is unique, filled with local craft beers and carefully selected wines which provide you with a taste of our talented local brewers. Our tradition tells us that a strong, viable community lifts us all, and we are intent on serving local products and using locally sourced ingredients in our food.  

In our new venture, we strive to advance our traditions of service, value, and quality which have been deeply ingrained in us throughout the decades. Whether you are stopping by to enjoy a tasty craft beer and some live music on our patio, or you are bringing your family to enjoy a wonderful dinner, we look forward to serving you at Cafe Sonder.